Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tantalizing Typography

I've always been fascinated with type, but recently I've become infatuated. I often find myself browsing design and typography websites when I have more pressing matters at hand. I can't help myself though. I think it's beautiful. Obviously typography on paper is wonderful, but lately I've been coming across some great designs for the home, as well as accessories that incorporate great type. I may just need to do some DIY dabbling!

Monogram Pillowcase, $18.00, Urban Outfitters.com

Monogrammed Mug, $4.99, Urban Outfitters.com

Signature Mugs, $10.95, H&FJ

Plywood Alphabet "P," $2.99, Urban Outfitters.com

Leather bag designed By Assouline for Cole Haan, $450

Recycled Metal Letters "N," $8.00, Urban Outfitters.com

"Welcome" Coast Rack, $14.99, Urban Outfitters.com

Charlotte Ronson, Seventeen Organic Tote, $48.00, Shopbop.com

Alphabet Bag "R," $28.00, Urban Outfitters.com

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