Friday, March 13, 2009

Snail Series

I love snails; it's a fact. I've loved them since the day I stuck my finger in one when I was two (out of love and curiosity, of course.) And although my finger was covered in green, slimy, hard-to-scrub-off goo, snails had entered my heart as something fabulous. So after endless battles of keeping my mother from squishing them in her garden, to buying several children's books about them, to naming myself after them when I was a counselor at an elementary school nature camp, I figure doing a series out of them would be fitting. And by the way, there are many more snail stories I have to tell. Ask if you wish! :)

Snail Stack

Snail on a Pail

Snail Mail

And my personal favorite....  Snail on a Whale

More to come soon, of course!

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