Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Alexander McQueen always amazes-- fashion heavy-hitter and forward-thinker. As always, his Spring 2010 collection was show-stopping. Everything from the ornamented clothing, to the sky-scraper hair, and of course, the shoes. Ah, the shoes. Have you ever seen such things? They cannot even be described, for they are so unique, so sculptural. I for one find them beautiful, mainly from the artistic, constructional point of view. Some seem as if they are welded together, some look like melted wax or plastic, and others seem as if they have been carved by marble. Absolutely fabulous. I don't believe there is any other way to describe them. I believe they have impacted the fashion industry in a very blatant way, and I hope to experience more of this style in mainstream fashion. But, as was put by an onlooker while writing this post, "How the heck are you supposed to walk in those things?"

Ah, but I believe we all would agree, with shoes such as these, such an ability is a technicality.

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